Pre-Wedding Rituals

Pre-wedding rituals planners in Punjab - In a Wedding ceremony, the pre-wedding rituals are the most beautiful phase that one goes through. And we at Vision Vivaah leave no stone unturned to make these events even more phenomenal. We understand that in order to make the wedding the perfect day of your life, pre-wedding rituals often are neglected. Therefore, rely on the team of Vision Vivaah to make each and every event of your wedding the most beautiful days of your life. For more details, you can contact us on +91-8445651111.

From Pre-engagement to engagement, Mehndi, and Sangeet, we make sure to fill these days with absolute fun and excitement. Pre-wedding ceremonies like the aforementioned are an integral part of the wedding. In simpler terms, we can also call them as a kickstart to the biggest adventure in life. Our team at Vision Vivaah could be the best option if you are looking for the pre-wedding rituals planners in Punjab.

Pre- Wedding Ceremonies We Cover

Vision Vivaah covers all the pre-wedding rituals and events and also prepare some rituals you wish to organize. While organizing all the pre-wedding rituals you will get a classy and luxurious feel in a budget-friendly way. And the events will be quite imposing with us as we put our expert team to get indulge in your family tradition and turn each moment fascinating. Below are some of the pre-wedding rituals we cover.

Roka or pre-engagement ceremony

A traditional Punjabi wedding has plenty of functions that lead to the big day. It begins with a Roka ceremony, which is a simple event usually attended by close family members. This ceremony involves the bride’s family visiting the groom, in absence of their daughter, and giving the groom sagan (Typically involves sweets and gifts).

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement is deemed as one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies. This event takes place a few months or weeks before the wedding. It is the event where both the families’ ties knot with each other and celebrate that ceremony with all the fun and excitement. Our team at Vision Vivaah does not only make the venue look good but fills it with lots of fun and excitement.

Sangeet Ceremony

The Sangeet ceremony is the event to completely enjoy, dance, and celebrate with all the pomp and show. The fun all the people get part to make them forget about wedding jitters sometimes. You can go for special themes for this occasion and prepare dance performances to add more amusement to the engagement ceremony.

Mehendi Ceremony

This is another important pre-wedding ritual which we organize with all the grandeur, the ritual is about applying the henna designs on the hands and feet of bride and groom, with floors set with the music and all the people enjoy this event with great enthusiasm. 

Why Choose Vision Vivaah for Pre-Wedding ritual planners in Punjab?

We understand the values of traditions and the emotions jumbled with your wedding event. Therefore, we make sure to organize each of your pre-wedding events in such a marvelous way that leaves every single guest mesmerized. Every pre-wedding ritual in any culture is an indication or simply a preparation for both the couple and their families for the big day. Vision Vivaah turns these rituals or ceremonies into a grand affair that you will fall in love with. Scroll down to know some of the more reasons on why you should choose us.

  1. We make the pre-wedding ceremonies fun for everyone right from kids to adults.
  2. Your budget is important to us, we never money come in the way of utter happiness and joy.
  3. Our team is happy to arrange everything that is required for each function.

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